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5 Myths About Hand Vein Treatment Explained

Hand Veins

Misinformation and lack of knowledge can often deter women from seeking the help they seek, in many areas of medicine. In the treatment of hand veins, several myths can influence your perception of the process and results. Let Dr. Lee Schulman, of the Schulman Vein And Laser Center, try to clear up some common misconceptions.

Myth 1: Treatment Of Hand Veins Is Painful

At the Schulman Vein And Laser Center all hand veins are treated using injection sclerotherapy.  We always use the smallest needles manufactured and there is almost no pain involved. While we do use lasers in certain vein procedures, for hand rejuvenation all we need to get great results is sclerotherapy.

Myth 2: Hand Vein Treatment Takes Alot Of Time

All the work we do on all patients is done in our NYC or Long Island offices and you are able to drive yourself home right afterwards. The therapy takes about 15 or 20 minutes and very often the results are rapid. We do ask that you not get your hands wet for   the first few hours after treatment, but expect your full return to all normal activities the next day.

Myth 3: Results are Not Long Lasting

When Dr. Lee Schulman treats hand veins we are so confident of our long lasting results that we offer a lifetime guarantee. (Disclaimer- Dr. Schulman is now 61 years old so he likes to say its ‘really just a 39 year guarantee). All kidding aside (He’s really not kidding) the incidence of vein recurrence  is remarkably low, and if another vein should appear it will be treated at no additional cost.

Myth 4: Treatment is Only for Older Patients 

People of all ages seek hand vein therapy for reasons ranging from a genetic predisposition to large veins, to just wanting to have younger more feminine looking hands.

Myth 5: All Clinics Offer the Same Treatment Quality 

Dr. Lee Schulman was the first doctor to ever lecture at any medical meeting about hand vein treatment. The Schulman Vein And Laser Center has decades of experience in treating all body parts including veiny hands.

Understanding the facts about hand vein therapy can help your decision about having this minimally invasive procedure done.

Do you have questions or concerns about hand vein treatment? Reach out to us for a consultation. Let’s address those concerns together and explore how treatment can benefit you.

We offer a free no obligation consult in our NYC/UES and Long Island offices.

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