“Put Your Hands
In Our Hands”


We treat many patients from all over the United States and many foreign countries. Many leg vein patients can be treated in one visit, but several many be required if the veins are large and extensive. In our offices patient safety always comes first, but, because the injection solutions we use are extraordinarily safe, it is often possible to treat a large number of veins in one visit.

Out of Town Patients


For hand vein treatment we prefer to see you two or three times during your stay in New York. This can be over consecutive days, or spread out if your stay in town is longer. Occasionally, at later visits, we remove residual blood from treated veins. This is done to accelerate the healing process and make hands look vein-free faster. Some patients may be seen just once for hand vein therapy and have excellent results, but in some patients it may just take longer for the veins to fully heal. It is interesting that two of our hand vein patients have appeared on live TV one day after hand vein therapy and had no need to “hide” their hands.
When making an appointment, please make sure to tell our staff you are coming from out of town so we can arrange your visits accordingly. It is NOT necessary to discontinue any medications (including coumadin) you are presently on, before or after treatment. Treatment will be started at your first visit. When treatment is completed you may either fly or drive home immediately.

If you so desire, both hands and legs (and other body areas) can be treated the same day. It is not necessary to have photos or prior test results sent to us before treatment, but we do have a Show Us Your Veins section where we can preview photos of your hands before coming to NY. Most out-of-towners feel that seeing us is as simple as seeing a local doctor for the first time.

After hand therapy, you will have cotton and surgical tape (like long band aids) on your hands for two hours, which will not delay going out and visiting the “Big Apple.” You will also be able to drive whether hands or legs have been treated. The only limitation after hand treatment is to not get your hands wet for the few hours the cotton balls and tape are on. Your hands may be slightly swollen, but that will not interfere with sightseeing (and nobody in town knows you anyway !!).


By Air
Both John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports are well situated for you to visit either Manhasset on Long Island or NYC. The ride from either airport to Manhasset or Manhattan is about 20 minutes. Newark airport in New Jersey is about 30 minutes from our Manhattan office but more than one hour from Manhasset.

By Train
In Manhattan Amtrak goes to Grand Central Station on 42nd Street in Midtown and our city office is at 92nd street on Park Ave. Many fine hotels are nearby. Trains to our Manhasset office leave from Penn Station on 33rd Street.

By Auto
Long Island, where our Manhasset and Commack offices are located, is the suburbs and driving should not be a problem. Commack is further away from NYC, but also a relatively easy drive. Our Manhasset office is also literally ‘on’ the Long Island Expressway. If you are staying in Manhattan, be aware that parking is relatively expensive. (Reaching us in Manhasset by the Long Island railraod may be easier.)