The doctors at the Schulman Vein and Laser Centers, Dr. Lee Schulman, M.D. and Dr. Martin Schulman, M.D., are internationally known phlebologists (medical specialists whose practice is limited to diseases of the veins).

Our offices are among the few in the United States exclusively devoted to vein disease, and we have over 55 years of combined experience. Techniques we have introduced and developed are now used worldwide.

At the Schulman Vein and Laser Center, all varicose and spider veins are treated non-surgically, by virtually painless injection therapy (sclerotherapy), or Laser Therapy. With this treatment, veins gradually seal shut and disappear. The blood loss and scarring associated with surgery are eliminated. All varicose vein and spider vein treatment is administered exclusively by the doctors.

Our work is done with the most uncompromising high standards, using only FDA approved medications, lasers and disposable equipment. Patients are able to resume full activity immediately (including driving).

We are sure you will be pleased with this simple, safe, and effective method of vein therapy.

We are happy you found our website and thank you for visiting us online. If you have further questions, please contact us so we can address your concerns personally.

Stop letting your
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